A Merry Christmas Adam

Christmas Adam is the day before Christmas Eve. On Christmas Adam I always write things I appreciate about people I know. This year I am extending it to people I don’t know in person, but have communicated and or worked with remotely. You’ve probably never heard of Christmas Adam due to the fact that I created it several years ago. I never say anything I don’t mean nor do I ever thank anyone that doesn’t deserved to be thanked on Christmas Adam.

The first person I want to thank is a Googler. I don’t have permission to name this Googler, but that’s okay. If I get permission I will put their name. This Googler was one of the people who helped explain Net Neutrality to me when I was confused about it several years ago via Twitter. Now that I understand net neutrality I fight to protect it every chance I get. This Googler has also let me see a unique side of Google. Whenever I find a major privacy problem I report it to this Googler and they always make sure it is fixed. That isn’t normal for most tech companies, so I really appreciate it.

The next person I want to thank is Casey John Ellis the co-founder of Bugcrowd. While his company is great for researchers he has also helped me understand why proper disclosure is important and has proven that it can work. He also helped me improve how I report security bugs. Now he is very busy, but I was one of the early adopters of Bugcrowd, so early that I believe the only people working at Bugcrowd were the founders.

This list would be incomplete without thanking Marisa Fagan. Whenever I had a problem I could not solve I contacted Marisa, because she was always very nice and helped me out or pointed me in the right direction when I was confused about something.

Also, thanks to her help I now see that proper disclosure may be able to work the way it is supposed to on companies that are giants and not part of the tech community. Even if it doesn’t work, I really appreciate all her help on a quest of mine to fix some major security holes in a non-tech industry. I am still working on the giant proof of concept that as far as I know no else has ever attempted to do before.

Jonathan Cran who works at bugcrowd and has always been very polite, nice and has helped me out multiple times, which includes another giant project I am working on.

I also want to thank Professor Bowne for being another person in the security community who has helped me out. I am sure he hadn’t heard of me until I asked him for help with a company. He replied by helping me out and showing me the correct people to contact in companies to try and get anything done. He also helped answer some questions I had about proper disclosure and when it should be broken or if it is even the right choice.

If every community collaborated the way people have shown me the security community collaborates we would have a much, much better world. I will be adding to this list all day and possibly until the end of the year, like I always do.

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