Help our fellow japan voice over actors

Everyone knows of the ongoing crisis in japan. I personally, have a friend that lives in japan. I started thinking about how so many games, tv shows, and other projects that use voice overs are made in japan. The amount of video games alone that come from japan is astounding. When games come to the USA they need someone who speaks English to redo the voice, so basically japan voice over artists are responsible for creating a need for voice over dubbing here in America.
While you should donate to the red cross and make sure you select the japan disaster without having to read my blog post, this might make you realize that voice over actors just like you need help. I read my cousins blog on what is happening in japan from someone who lives in japan. Tokyo is running low on food, but some areas like sendai need the basics like water!
Now that I’ve pointed all of this out, I hope you will donate to the red cross so people in japan will receive the support they need.
If you want you can tweet @actorryan to tell me if you donated or what you think of this blog post.

I linked to the red cross of americas official website and to the page where you can click to donate to the japan earthquake and tsunami relief.