Is twitter promoting better grammar?

While I usually write about my voice over work, today I was inspired by Dan_ODay who said “A word never to allow in your radio commercial copy: “Amenities.” No real person ever uses that word.” now while this tweet seems random, it isn’t. This is one example of professional voice over advice you’ll see with very good grammar.

Almost all the people I follow are professional Voice over talent or onscreen actors. I rarely see a stereotype tweet that looks like “C u 2 night”, actually I’ve never seen a tweet written by someone who is professional like that.

I honestly only see those type of tweets from the Justin bieber fan base age group. This is most likely because they are in school or just using twitter really quickly to say how much they love bieber or to ask a friend something while in class, which frankly I don’t have a problem with. If you need to check on something & it takes you two seconds to send during class, I don’t think it should be an issue, but schools and even esome college professors do.

Social Media for your career: The step by step guide

I have several friends who are in the Entertainment Industry. All of them don’t have a clue where to began when it comes to Social media, or better known as Social Networks. There is Twitter, Facebook, and linkedin, just to name a few. I will cover how to get more publicity across Twitter and Facebook in this post.

I know people are busy, so they don’t have time to post to every Social network. But what if one posting could go to multiple Social Networks? Guess what, you can. I will also cover the power of linkedin, why you should tweet at people who should tweet you, proper usage of twitter, proper usage of facebook, everything you need to know to get a good head start in the game.

First off make a Facebook fan page( I am assuming you already have a Facebook).  First off I will cover how to use your facebook fanpage or how to make a fanpage.
1. If you are already logged into Facebook, click here to make your fanpage. When you make your fanpage make sure it is very Descriptive like mine. You need to mention in the title your career like, for example Sams Glam Hollywood Makeup.

Now that you have designed your Facebook fanpage what do you do? Well, first off you want to connect it to your twitter account, so all your status updates will appear on twitter. This feature saves you a lot of time. If you don’t have a twitter account, I’ll come back to this later.
Post important status updates to your facebook fan page like when a music video is coming out, when a song is coming out, or to raise hype tell people ahead of time that a song  or music video is coming out in, oh a month. When your song, music video, Voice Over, Acting, etc. is online for the world to see give links so people can see it and if applicable download it.
How do I get people to like my facebook page?

Well, you could email your friends and family and ask them to like it, but that doesn’t really help get out who you are to new people. Their are two  answers to this question  Twitter and hooking Facebook into your Website. I’ll consider posting a blog about hooking your site into facebook if I get enough comments asking me too.

Now onto twitter.
Sign up for twitter by clicking here or log into your account.
First off, I need to explain what twitter is. Twitter allows you to compose 140 character postings which are referred to as tweets. When you tweet, you can let people know what you ate for breakfast, although that is quite trivial, what you are doing with your career, appearances that people should plan to watch or when a music video is going to come out. The thing to understand about twitter users is that they want to know what you are doing with your career. Why? Because more than likely they follow you because of the career you are in or some other reason that tickled their fancy. You have to be careful how much you put on twitter, so stick to being very professional. When you compose a tweet that isn’t coming from facebook, make sure that it is descriptive, yet short. Like “I just did a voice over for….”, although, if you have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement and are filming a movie or even a TV show you have to be very careful what you put.

Always keep tweets 120 characters short, so they are easier for people to retweet. Retweeting is basically quoting what someone said that you liked and you want everyone that follows you to see it.

People like to add their own words to a retweet like “cool!” or “too bad!”. Depending on what site you are viewing twitter from the retweet may show their username as RT @enteranamehere. So remember, descriptive, but short so it can be retweeted.
Twitter does have a retweet button, but people still like editing retweets, so remember no more than 120 characters if you want it to be retweeted.

Now onto hashtags. What is a hashtag? a hashtag or # sign is a really cool thing to use and is beneficial to your career. If I searched twitter for #voiceover everyone who had posted a tweet with the word #voiceover will show up. While you can search for the words voice over without the hash tag, you will get tons of stuff  that has no relation to the subject that you are looking for. So if I was to say “hey did you hear my #voiceover on…?” everyone who searched that tag would see it. If you want to see people pretending to write a tweet in some famous persons voice #voice over is fine. If you want to see only Voice Over jobs just use this link to the twitter timeline!/search/voice%20over%20jobs

Trending topics sometimes can be important; but usually they have nothing to do with your career. The more a word or hashtag is tweeted the higher chance there is that it will become a trend. Recently the name Ted Williams was trending, because he is a Voice Over Artist who was homeless and made some decisions that impacted his life and career. he was recently rediscovered and  is now doing voiceovers for kraft macaroni and cheese among many other companies. Needless to say he is no longer homeless. I tweeted a couple times about Ted Williams, because I was sick of some narcistic arrogant people saying he only got voice over jobs because he was homeless and that they were going to be homeless so they could get jobs. They failed to realize that he had previously been a voice over actor and had put time and money into it.

I like to tweet helpful things for other voice over actors, like a cold remedy so you can do Voice Overs with a cold. I was very surprised that amber at wrote the    majority of an article around my tweet. Anything you tweet on twitter may be used on other sites and people may use them as quotes like amber did with my cold remedy.  So if you tweet something negative, remember it may come back to haunt you.

Since I don’t want to write a lengthy article on something that facebook has a  a link that explains how to  hook your facebook fanpage to twitter better than I probably could. They also have a page on hooking twitter into your site.

Quick Twitter tip: I am wrapping up this blog post, but please Remember that If you tweet trending words that aren’t in a sentence form and relate to your career, it is seen  as spam. People may unfollow you for this.