Professor Michio Kaku Is Cool

Professor Michio Kaku was doing a book tour for his book “Physics Of The Impossible” several years ago and I had to go meet him. He gave a talk which I couldn’t get into, so I waited for over an hour in the hallway. I then waited another 30 to 45 minutes in line to get my copy of “Physics Of The Impossible” signed by him. After I got my book signed I waited until almost everyone had left, so I could get a few minutes to talk to him. Why would I wait so long to get a book signed and then wait to talk to him? Well, Professor Kaku is a genius and my favorite theoretical physics author, but I really wanted to find out if one of my theoretical physic theories was sound.

Wait, You’re Into Theoretical Physics?

I’ve never publicly written about it, but yeah I am. I mainly write about security research. So, as I left off I waited until almost everyone left, which took a very long time and then told Professor Kaku my theory that I stumbled onto while reading two physic books at the same time. When I say I read books at the same time, I mean I have both books open and am reading pages from both books at the same time. Anyways my theory had to do with theoretical Calibi-Yau blackholes in another dimension, which according to string theory would have low energy vibration patterns. I theorized that these vibrations would affect our 3 dimensional universe.

When I finally had a chance to ask Professor Kaku if I was right he was very polite and nice. He quickly did the math in his head while moving his hand around like he was writing on a whiteboard and then said “yes”. I was ecstatic. Sure, I know that figuring that out won’t change anything in science, but I’ve never attended theoretical physics class. I only read theoretical physic books and papers on theoretical physics.

I was impressed by how smart he is, yet he isn’t stuck on himself. It’d be awesome to meet him again and discuss a much more complicated theoretical physics theory I’ve come up with. I am not saying what it is here, because I’d like to know if I am anywhere close to being right before talking about theoretical physics. Anyways, Profesor Kaku is really cool.

I would also highly recommend that you read his latest book “The Future Of The Mind“.

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