Doing Voice Overs without a microphone

Just the title of this article sounds impossible, right? That is because it should be impossible, but like anything I’ve found a way around the issue. See my Blue Snowball no longer functions so no VO. Thankfully Blue will replace it for free. So how am I going to keep doing Voice Overs with out a microphone? Simple. When you are auditioning you can send in your demo or previous recorded samples that match the job; if you have a voice over to record there is still a way to record it. Do you have a cell phone? Do you have Adobe SoundBooth? Do you have a pair of really good headphones? If you have all three of those you are good to go. What I would do is place my cell phone in a position like a microphone with the cell phone microphone faced towards me and then record it. Or you can just use it like a phone, hold it to your ear and record your script via the microphone feature.

I have a pretty good phone. An iPhone 4. It has pretty darn good sound quality and cleaning up a track to sound professional shouldn’t be that hard with Adobe SoundBooth on my side. I will have my microphone fixed soon, but for anyone who is in a similar situation just do what I suggested. I have yet to try this, but I am pretty sure it will go well. I will update this blog post or write a new article explaining how everything goes.